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Adam Jowett


I’m sitting on the beach in Thailand, gazing at bikini-clad tourists to the sound of money flowing into a PayPal account. That was the dream, but as a 40-something-old with 2 kids the dream has changed.

Having responsibilities doesn’t mean you can’t be responsible for your freedom. Freedom of time, of choice, of lifestyle. 40+ is prime for entrepreneurs. In Silicon Valley, the average age of a CEO is 35-55.

With close to two decades of experience in startups and digital, I decided to make money deserve my time, not the other way around.

Now, thanks to the unlimited opportunity a connected world provides, I work for myself (by myself), providing for my family thanks to eCommerce, trading and the many other opportunities we talk about here on 100 Incomes.

Come join us every step of the way, say hey on Twitter @BigDaddyManCan or @100incomes and let’s tread this path together.

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