Don't eat your crust if you don't want to (choice, twerking and bread skin)


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Josh, my 3 year old, hates crusts. He will always ask to “take the skin off” and who can blame him. Bread “skin” served it’s purpose during the cooking process. It has no place at eating time. It should be stuffed in a chicken, or forming a pudding by that point.

It doesn’t mean Josh get’s away with skin free sandwiches though. I had to endure 37 years of it, and he will too because if he didn’t? Well that’s just bad parenting. It is character building, and he too can grow up to provide chest hair blankets to the homeless.

Just another legacy I am leaving for the greater good.

Stupid thing is, until last week, I still ate my peanut butter and honey sandwiches with the “skin” on. Then I realised I was the Dad now, and if I didn’t want to have bread skin, then I didn’t have to. I was in control of my culinary future.

Trading is the same. You are your own boss. You are the CEO, employee, cleaner, accountant and therapist of everything in your trading business. You don’t have to answer to anyone but your bank balance and the divorce lawyers.

You are ‘da man’.

If you don’t want to eat your trading crusts, you don’t have to. No one will know, no one will care except you.

If you want a madi gras smooth chest. It is you who will envy others when hairy chests become fashionable again (they will, right?).

If your stop loss is too close to compensate for a poor profit target. It is your fault.

Your position size is too large? Your fault.

Miss an exit due to indecision? Your fault.

Cut a trade off too early? Your fault.

Watching a YouTube video of a dog twerking? My fault.

Skip your crusts if you want to. Make a million dollars if you want to. Lose the lot if you want to. Replay the dog twerking video, over and over ….. and over again if you want to.

Crust or no crust? In or out of the trading game?

Make the choice.

I’m off to Bust my Krust:


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