eCommerce is taking over the world


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With companies like Amazon and eBay always in the news, it is easy to think your chance to sell online has passed you by.

How can we compete with giants like these?

Amazon, the biggest of them all, account for over 45% of US online retails sales. Yet they only represent just over 5% of online retail sales worldwide in 2018.

Online shopping sales grew by over 20% in 2017, yet it is still only around 11% of all retail shopping.

That means most buyers are still bumping into each other in shopping centres, a small child in one hand, a melting ice cream in the other.

But things are already changing.

eCommerce growth is only accelerating

Statistica projects online sales to double by 2021 to close to $5B (yes, Billion). That's online sales only.

What part of $5B do you need to make yourself a very comfortable living?

As the world's demographics change, as more things go online, what is a normal shopping experience is will change with it.

That is where us, the eCommerce entrepreneur comes in to serve the needs of a growing marketplace.

Opportunity Overload

Developed societies run on wants and desires. The need for things. They love to shop. To get the latest shiny thing.

Third-world countries, the most populous in the world, are coming online with faster internet speeds and smart devices.

Manufacturing countries like China and Pakistan are open to even the smallest of sellers with a quick Google search.

Forget about shipping inter-state, now you can ship anywhere in the world. For free.

The desire to buy is growing, yet the available time is shrinking.

Online retailers provide a quick, convenient platform for these shoppers to buy.

With the ability to browse many outlets at once and buy with a single click, eCommerce is here to stay.

In fact, eCommerce is here to dominate.

Grab Your Piece of the eCommerce Pie

So how do you take advantage?

In theory, it sounds easy.

Find a market to exploit, source a product, set up a store, start selling and count the money.

Simple right? Well, not so fast.

We are selling to a global marketplace, that is an amazing opportunity for us.

But it also means your competition has gone global as well.

Setting up a store is the easy part.

With YouTube, caffeine and some time, you can have a Shopify store up and running in no time.

But now what? Where are the buyers, how do I advertise, did I choose the right product? What about shipping and warehousing?

As soon as you answer one question, three more appear.

And that is where we come in.

Join us as we take you on a deep dive through the peak and troughs of eCommerce. From sourcing products and suppliers to fulfilment, marketing and brand building.

It is not hypothetical.

It is our own real-world experience of building and selling over 15 online stores.

With our stores selling over $400K a year to over 32 countries, we can use our first-hand knowledge to make your eCommerce journey easier.

Join us on Twitter, the 100 Incomes Podcast and Facebook and tell us what the hardest part is for you.