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If you’re reading this today then eCommerce is a term you have at least heard before. If not, then it is a term you should get used to if you are serious about generating serious online income.

We've explained how eCommerce is one of the fastest growing sectors of the economy. It is where serious money is to available with the right strategy.

Before we start counting our money though, let’s take a look at what eCommerce is. While there are plenty of definitions to go around we define eCommerce as;

What is eCommerce?

“The provision of goods and services to an online marketplace”

As you can see our definition is simple. There isn’t much more to it than that.

You, the eCommerce professional, provide the consumer, the customer, with the goods and services they desire using an online platform.

There are many ways the we can provide those goods and services, but we will focus running Shopify stores.

Domination with Shopify stores

We'll look into the set up, promotion and running of a store as we return with our online income generation series.

We'll share what we found essential to running our six figure revenue stores.

As the weeks progress, look out for articles, our new podcast series and follow us on social media.

We'll look at store ideas, store validation, crunching the numbers, and the day-to-day running of your new business.

We'll answer what apps to consider and what, or what not to do, when starting your new online store.

Each week we will share with you the mistakes to avoid from first hand, real-world experience.  

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