Season 1, Ep. 003: $1000 in Dropshipping revenue in our first month.


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In Episode 3 of The 100incomes Show Darren switch to interviewer mode as he picks the brain of co-host Adam on his first month of Dropshipping.

Adam explains every step of how he started his first eCommerce Dropshipping store:

  • The five steps to starting a dropshipping store
  • The difference between dropshipping and traditional eCommerce
  • What are the different ways you can dropship (eBay, Amazon, Storefront and others)
  • How much did Adam earn in his first month of dropshipping?
  • How to start a dropshipping store with no technical knowledge.

You will hear Adam and Darren talk about an upcoming (free) exclusive content area where we will both share the real in-depth material that won't fit into a 30-minute podcast.

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Show Notes
  • [5:25] What is dropshipping?
  • [9:45] Does dropshipping fit the 5 filters from episode 2?
  • [12:50] What are the different ways to dropship?
  • [16:40] Earning six figures buying on Cosco and selling on eBay
  • [16:45] How to use Shopify to start an eCommerce store with little technical knowledge?
  • [22:35] Using products from China in your dropshipping store
  • [24:10] How hard is it to find an idea that costs no money?
  • [27:00] Mistakes Adam made setting up his first store
  • [24:10] How hard is it to find an idea that costs no money?
  • [32:40] What's happening next week (Freelance writing, exclusive content area and more)

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