Season 1, Ep. 004: Freelance Writing as an online income (and Chicken Nuggets)


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Getting paid to write content online, how do you get started?

This week Adam plays host while co-host Darren takes the guest chair as he explains how he has started earning online income as a side hustle without any initial investment.

Darren explains how content mills work, how best to get started, some of the best websites to go to and drops the beat on a chicken nuggets rap song at the end of the show (you don't want to miss that!).

Writing for a living always seems like something you do in a dusty corner eating canned tuna and arguing with people you really do have a "real" job. But times have changed, and everyone needs content written as they move their businesses, blogs and hobbies online.

Darren explains how he has gotten a start shadow writing for blogs, companies and businesses, all with $0 investment, and all from the comfort of his couch watching the football.

It is still early days, but the lessons learned already will be invaluable to you if you are thinking of earning some money on the side doing freelance writing.

As a bonus, stick around to the end of the show where you get an exclusive preview of possibly the greatest rap song ever written about Chicken Nuggets.

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Show Notes
  • [1:45] The week in review, Darren starts a new dropshipping store
  • [4:35] Why choose writing to earn money online?
  • [5:55] What type of writing has Darren chosen?
  • [6:55] How does writing fit our criteria for online income choices?
  • [9:55] The process of starting to write for money online
  • [13:00] How are you paid?
  • [16:45] How to scale freelance writing?
  • [22:00] How long from application to being paid?
  • [24:10] Weird topics Darren had to write on as a freelance writer
  • [26:20] Top 5 lessons learned from freelance writing for income
  • [32:10] How often do you get rejected?
  • [35:00] How much has Darren earned in starting up as a writer?
  • [38:24] What's coming up
  • [42:33] The great chicken nuggets rap

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