Season 1, Ep. 005: March 2017 Income Report and what will earn us money in April


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Our first full month of online income, what earned what?

One month down! As we tick over to April, it marks the first full month of our online income endeavours, and overall it has been quite a success.

In this episode, we go through exactly what we have earned and from where, as well as what expenses came out of a month of earning income from dropshipping and freelance writing.

Of course, being 100 incomes, we can't just do dropshipping and writing forever, so we start to look ahead to April and beyond to see where we want to expand our online and passive income efforts and I find out whether Darren got that music contract after his chicken nuggets rap song last week.

There was a lot of lessons learned in our first month, so we run through those as well.

The member's area is only a few days away, and a full income report post is coming also, so be sure to watch out for those, but for now, take a listen, and be sure to share it with your friends that you think might get something out of what we are all doing.

Show Notes
  • [5:40] Darren's March income report
  • [9:45] Adan's March income report
  • [13:40] What's new on the horizon
  • [15:13] Darren's lessons learned from March
  • [17:24] Adam's lessons learned from March
  • [19:49] The power of accepting failure
  • [25:15] Adam's method for making refund requests a positive experience
  • [28:40] The importance of action
  • [32:22] How to get in touch with Adam and Darren and what's happening with the members forum

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