Season 1, Ep. 007: April Income Report and a new direction for 100 incomes


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It is time for incomes report number 2, just how much did we make in April?

Gee how time flies! We are already into income report number 2 as we tick over to May. Adam and Darren give us all the numbers on how much they earned for April. Did Adam match his $1000 profit from his first dropshipping months? What growth did Darren get this month?

Along with the income report for April, we also announce a bit of a twist in the direction of the 100 Incomes content. We think you will like what we are planning to do, and again it is all about simplifying and being more productive with real-world commitments taking so much time.

So strap in, enjoy the show, and when you are done, head over to and join us on this journey of developing a lifestyle business and gaining financial freedom through micro-incomes.

Show Notes
  • [3:15] Adam details his exact earnings from month two of his dropshipping store
  • [5:45] What were the big lessons learned by Adam this month?
  • [8:30] Darren give the good news on his income gains, and it wasn't all from freelance writing
  • [11:13] The importance of grabbing an opportunity wherever it presents itself. A cool real life story by Darren.
  • [12:54] Facebook advertising defeats Adam and Darren again
  • [15:30] Keep sight of the bigger picture
  • [18:22] What is the big change for 100 Incomes?
  • [26:35] Adam and Darren's one hot tip of the week
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