Season 1, Ep. 008: Our greatest failures and the great income showdown.


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What hasn't worked so far? And it is Darren vs Adam in the online income showdown!

We've talked about our small victories, now we go through our greatest failures in the first 2.5 months of our 100 Incomes journey. From sleep to Amazon, to closing down dropshipping stores, come find out what hasn't worked so far in this online income journey.

We also announce the 100 Incomes challenge! It is Adam vs Darren in an online income showdown. Who will earn the most? How will the earn it? What is the prize at the end (that one is up to you!).

Show Notes
  • 1:45Intro, what this episode is about
  • 3:45What has gone wrong so far for Adam selling physical goods online?
  • 9:50What has been the challenges for Darren trying to earn income via freelance writing online?
  • 12:15Darren reveals what his dropshipping store was selling
  • 15:20A couple more failures from Adam
  • 19:10The 100 Incomes Showdown. It is Darren vs Adam for 3 months, what is that all about?
  • 23:50Listener shoutouts and announcements
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