Season 1, Ep. 009: Darren's first sale, a $2.5K month and the 100 Incomes Challenge


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Month 3 Income reports are here, Darren's first sale, Adam's $2.5K Dropshipping month and the 100 Incomes Challenge

Month three of the 100 Incomes show has just passed and how has time flown!

A new month means a new round of income reports from the month of May.

Just what did Adam and Darren earn in their first quarter of online income as two entrepreneurs either side of 40?

Also, this week we detail the rules of the 100 Incomes Challenge. It is freelance writing vs dropshipping for the next three months in an online income challenge.

Who will win, and what team are you on?

#teamquill or #teamchaching? It is time to pick sides.

Darren even gets to nerd out on some new taxation laws that just hit Australia that might affect you if you are selling digital goods to Aussies as an overseas business.

All that and more in Episode 9 of The 100 Incomes Show.

Show Notes
  • [2:55] What is the Netflix tax?
  • [6:30] Darren's income report for the month of May
  • [9:20] Adam's income report for the month of May
  • [13:00] The 100 Incomes Challenge. What is it? What are the rules?
  • [24:00] This week's tips and tricks about SEO and how to avoid getting your AliExpress account suspended
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