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In a retro moment recently I threw on an old Savage Garden album and bopped along to Affirmations (lyrics), those oh so sweet 90’s rhythms that have now, sadly, long gone. The song talks about what lead singer Darren Hayes believes, something we all should take stock on. But what about our trading beliefs?

Trading requires you to understand yourself as a trader, and a large part of that is what you believe are your core trading principles.

I tell you what, I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.

My trading beliefs

  • I believe to trade you must understand yourself, not a chart.
  • I believe if it makes money for you, then tell those that are telling you-you are doing it wrong to kiss your solid gold arse.
  • I believe you will blow up an account (or two) before you will really understand risk.
  • I believe any money lost in the first 5 years of trading is your education cost.
  • I believe that wedded bliss negates the need to be undressed (OK I stole that from the song, it’s just so nicely put).
  • I believe all people who have beaten life-threatening illnesses could be amazing traders.
  • I believe cancer treatment is worse that cancer itself, but in a small amount of cases, still necessary.
  • I believe you can start trading full time with $10K, but only if you have done an apprenticeship of more than 5 years.
  • I believe most opinions in trading forums is rubbish, and the accompanying trading advice worse.
  • I believe it is bloody hard to learn to trade without a mentor.
  • I believe you must be very comfortable with your own company to be a private trader.
  • I believe you don’t have to work more than 4-5 hours a day, and if you do, go back to a salary job, you can’t lose money there.
  • I believe it is not healthy to wake in the middle of the night and trade, either for yourself or your trading account.
  • I believe it is damn hard to trade and keep up a blog with meaningful content.
  • I believe you can day trade the Asian session.
  • I believe global warming is crap, the world is cyclical.
  • I believe anyone living somewhere they are not happy with should move, you are not a tree.
  • I believe happiness is not gained through trading profits, but it gives you time to find where that happiness is.
  • I believe FOX should run a new show called Pimp my Chart.
  • I believe children is for straight couples, our anatomy is as it is for a reason.
  • I believe if you can, you should trade outside, it is awesome.
  • I believe cancer at age 30 was the best thing that could have happened to me.
  • I believe anyone who tells people their results in pips [knows nothing about trading](//" "target=_blank).
  • I believe I have the best blog readers ever to have turned on a computer (all two of them).
  • I believe you should learn something new every day else you are wasting your shriveling brain.
  • I believe exercise can add 20-30% to your trading profits and your life expectancy.
  • I believe all systems can be traded profitably if traded at the right time.
  • I believe trading is god damn hard.
  • I believe my obsession with being a better trader contributed greatly to me getting cancer.
  • I believe traders need a better title to use on first dates, family BBQ’s and awkward parent/teacher nights.
  • I believe you can make copious amounts of money with a win/loss below 60%.
  • I believe there is a universal power we can all tap into if we would just pull our heads out of our asses for one moment.
  • I believe me reaching my 5-year cure date in May means nothing other than becoming a statistic.
  • I believe I will still be trading in another 10 years from now.

This is but a short snippet of some of my beliefs, what about you? Do you know what your trading beliefs are?


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