Earn $1000 a month as a Freelance Writer


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First things first. I am in no way shape or form an experienced freelance writer. I cannot mould emotions into words nor capture the essence of a feeling. See, what I mean?

That said, I am a working writer, a paid writer, and it took me a month to do it.

It all Started with a Conversation

A few weeks back, Adam and I were having a conversation about this online income thing. I told him that I didn't have money to put towards online businesses and that I couldn't see how I could get into making money online. I didn't want to do surveys for Bunnings vouchers(DIY store in Australia) and I didn't have money to do websites and the like.

Fear not, he told me, there was a way I could earn some money and build up some working capital.

Adam sent me a link to an article on how to make money writing content for company websites, blogs etc. as I had already done some writing in the past, this was something I felt I could do.

I read the articles and listened to the accompanying podcasts and got to work.

Earn $1000 this Month

That was the title of the first article I read. Follow the steps and you could earn $1000 this month alone. I was definitely excited by the prospect of earning $1000 in a month so I dived in. Before we go on, I have done it for a month and I earned $53.00.

Now as an accountant I can give you my professional opinion that 53 is a far lower number than 1000. But if you don't believe me put the following into your calculator

1000 - 53 = ??

If you did it correctly then your answer should be 32. No, ....just checking to see if you're paying attention. Obviously, the answer is 947.

Now before you go saying, I was fooled and this isn't worth it bare in mind that I didn't do everything as described in the article. I also, and this is the most important point, did not commit fully to the pursuit.

Family illnesses, Natural disasters and my computer blowing up all took away from my ability to give this a red hot go. I also had university exams and assignments that required my immediate focus. All of that prevented me from truly analysing freelance writing as a potential income stream.

Total Immersion Writing

So, Over the next six weeks, I am going to immerse myself in this thing called freelance writing. As I said, in the beginning, I am not trying to be the next great writer. I am not trying to become an author, I am not writing it off, but not my immediate goal.

I will be going back and setting myself up as a writer, with the specific intent of learning whether earning an income stream from writing is indeed possible. I haven't finalised the entire process as to how I will do it, but, we will be doing a 100 Incomes podcast about it in the coming weeks.

Over the next few weeks check back into the blog to see how I'm going. Follow what I'm doing, and who knows, maybe start doing some writing for yourself.

If I could earn $53, with very minimal effort, I can only imagine what I can achieve if (when) I fully commit.