The Total Immersion Writing Series - Part Four


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Welcome back to the Total Immersion Writing Series. The series where we teach you how to earn money freelance writing online.

In Part One of the series, we outlined the basics of the process and you dipped your toe into writing for a content mill.

In Part Two we added another content mills to your quiver as you continued to work on your craft, writing more articles.

In Part Three we began building our Portfolio of long-form Articles.

In Part four we will continue to finish off our Portfolio of Ten articles and continue to write for our two mills.

Let's begin

Over the next few weeks, you will focus solely on finishing your portfolio of long-form articles and paid work. This work you put in now will be used to set up the first phase of your new writing career.

Week four to seven

Over the next four weeks, you will need to complete the final eight (8) long-form articles for your portfolio. You should also continue writing for your mills to build up a little kitty of money because in week eight (8) you will need to spend a little money setting yourself up a presence online.

You won't be needing a lot of money to do this but if you can earn $100 freelance writing I suggest putting that aside. IF you are able to get one writing gig each week from mill Two you should achieve that no problem.

The plan

Finish writing the final eight (8) long-form articles for your portfolio.

Continue writing for your mills.

After you have achieved the minimum withdrawal amount from Mill One you should stop writing for that mill. By then you should have a decent portfolio of articles built up.

Make sure you are saving a copy of each article you write.

As I suggested last week. If both of your mills have work available always choose the best paying option.

Don't forget to put away $100 dollars for later.

Until week eight

In week Eight we will be setting up our presence online. We will be getting a logo, a website and building a profile online where customers can find us direct.

Take your time over the next few weeks. There is no rush. Build your portfolio. Continue to earn from your writing mills and set yourself up for success.

It's an exciting time to be a writer.

Good luck and I'll see you in a couple of week time for the next update.


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