Total Immersion Writing Series - Part One


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So, you have listened to episode four of the podcast and you want to take a shot at doing freelance writing? Well, you have come to the right place.

Follow the Total Immersion Writing Series for your freelance writing action plan.The best part is that it will cost you no money.

You will have to devote some time, but no money.

In the Total Immersion freelance writing Series, I will be showing you exactly what I am doing. I will give you a step by step plan so you can earn money writing too.

How is it going to work

Over the next six weeks, I am going to outline an action plan for you to follow.

I will give you a clear plan on how to get writing and earning as fast as possible.

What I am going to do is show you the quickest way to begin earning real money freelance writing.

Let's get into it then

The first step I need you to take is the most important part of any success you will have doing freelance writing.

The answer to this question will determine your earning capacity as a writer. It will be a critical factor in your success.

So what is it? What's the question?

How much time can you dedicate to your freelance writing? You will need to answer this question as clearly as possible.

When I say dedicate time, I don't mean when you're sitting on the couch watching TV.

I mean clear air when you don't have anything else to do except writing.

Take your time figuring this number out. It's important you get it right. The plan I am going to give you needs eight (8) hours work over the week.

If you have eight hours then you can follow the plan exactly.

If you can't, then you need to adjust the plan according to the time you have available.

Don't sweat it if you can't give eight hours, Do the best you can, continue to move forward and you will get there.

Think of it as paid training - Darren

Week One

What follows is everything I recommend you do for your first week.

I am going to give you an hour by hour template for you to follow.

If you need to adjust the time frames outlined feel free to do so.

Pick up where you left off the next time you get into it.

Phase One Goals:

  • Identify our time available for writing
  • Signup to Paypal - we're getting money, all the money.
  • Signup to Three Writing Mills
  • Practice our writing
  • Practice our researching

The Plan

Hour 0 - 1

Good news, you have already taken your first bite out of this section by reading this blog.

Read the blog, LISTEN TO THE PODCAST so you get an understanding of what we are going to be doing in the early stages.

While you are listening to the podcast take the opportunity to sign up to PAYPAL.

You will need somewhere to receive all the money you will soon be earning.

Hour 2 - 4

This is where we start getting into the writing. Before you begin this step make sure you have nothing on your plate.

We are going to join our first writing mill and will need to write a 250 - 500-word trial article/writing sample.

You need the time to research and to write so make sure the distractions are gone.

Don't worry. the mill we are going to isn't too hard to get into. It is a beginners mill and is where we are going to earn our stripes and begin building our writing portfolio.

Once you click on the link below you will need to follow the instructions to sign up as a writer. Go through the process. Answer each question and complete the signup process. This is where you will need to write your writing sample.

Good luck. click HERE for the mill.

Hour 5

Spend your time here going through the website. Read all their FAQs and other resources.

There are great resources and answers for the beginner writer there.

Hour 6 - 8

It's time to start writing and earning.

This writing mill requires all new writers to complete five (5) articles as probation.

After the five articles, the site will reassess your writing and give you a writing grade.

Each grade allows you to earn or have access to higher levels so take your time with these articles. No need to rush.

Remember, the focus is learning the process and building our portfolios.

You WILL NOT earn a lot of money on this site. The pay here is minimal and the quality of work a challenge.

The reason we came here first is that it is great for beginners and can teach us a lot about freelance writing.

We will learn how to take jobs. Learn and perfect our researching process. We will also start to get an idea of how long it will take us to write certain numbers of words.

These are the skills we will need as we move forward in our freelance writing. Think of it as paid training and that will help.

Aim to write two articles by the end of this period. Chose whatever topic you want and write and enjoy the process.

Until next week

So that's it for week one. You have completed all the steps listed above and have earned your first dollar as a writer. I know it isn't a lot of money but it is a start. The focus here is building your portfolio.

Next week we will continue to write the rest of our probation articles and I will add TWO MORE steps to the process.

If you are following this process I would be keen to hear how you are going.

I will also be happy to answer any questions that you might have. You can contact me on Twitter HERE or feel free to send me an email at

Until then, happy writing.