Total Immersion Writing Series - Part Three


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Welcome back to the Total Immersion Freelance Writing series. The series designed to teach you how to earn real money freelance writing.

In Part One of the series, we outlined the basics of the process and you dipped your toe into writing for a content mill.

In Part Two we added another content mills to your quiver as you continued to work on your craft, writing more articles.

From this point on you will begin to make more of a concerted effort to make some real money. I'm not talking about the pennies you have been earning thus far. I'm talking about getting paid $20 - $50 per article and more.

From this moment on, we will begin treating your writing like a business. You will still only have to apply eight (8) hours of work per week, but each step you take will be towards maximising your income through targetted work.

You will still continue to keep writing for your mills, but your focus will turn to generating our portfolio and getting familiar with the freelance writing process.

With that said it's time to get into this week's plan.

Let's begin

Last week I recommended that you sign up to another article mill. If you did that you should now have two mills ready to offer you work.

If you have written for our first mill you will need to continue writing for them until you reach the minimum withdrawal level. At the time of writing, that amount is $25 USD. Write as much or as little as you like until that level is reached. Then it's time to bid that mill a goodbye.

Week three

As with each and every week, I will lay out the plan for week three.

Our focus will be on your portfolio, but also take work as it comes and try and write at least two articles. Worst case, write them at mill one so you can get to that minimum withdrawal amount quickly. If you are in any doubt, however, if each mill offers you a job always take the one that is going to pay you the best for your time.

The plan

Hour 0 - 3

Last week I outlined the ten (10) topics we would be writing for our portfolio. It's now time to write our first one. Chose one from the list and write 1500 words on the topic.

Try and pick an interesting angle on the topic. Use Google and other tools to try and help you out.

PRO TIP: Let's say you are writing your article on parenting. Go to google and type in this phrase exactly: Parenting T

You will see that Google will offer up some suggestions. from one of those, I am sure you can find something to write about

Hour 4 - 6

Finish off your first article if you need too or take a job from one of your mills. Remember to trawl each mill and take the best paying job available.

Hour 6 - 8

Chose another topic from the list of portfolio articles and begin writing. Use the same process as I laid out above.

Until next week

That's it for this week's plan. Continue ticking off articles for your portfolio and taking paid jobs as they arrive. Focus on your portfolio as this is what is going to earn you the dollars in the coming months.

I'd love to read what you are up to with your writing. Leave a comment below or hit me up on Twitter @therealdleyds or @100incomes